Green Logistics

As a logistic provider, ADPO is committed to take on the toughest energy challenge by reducing the global footprint of CO2 emissions using best available techniques for producing sustainable energy to achieve an environmental performance that serves the economic and social needs of the communities where we operate:

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Vapour Treatment

ADPO has invested in an incinerator which captures all gas vapours during the tank operations. These vapours are re-used as fuel to produce steam. This steam can be used to heat or to clean the shore tanks. The condensate of the steam is re-used via a heat exchanger to produce hot water. This hot water is used to heat isotanks. Thanks to this incinerator ADPO already complies with the NEC Directive (National Emission Ceilings, Directive 2001/81/EC) from the European Parliament today.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

ADPO has invested 4 million euros in photovoltaic solar panels which have been placed on the roof of our warehouses and in solar trackers at our site border. In total 4.000 solar panels provide 700.000 kWh (this equals a yearly electricity consumption of 140 families). The electricity produced by these solar panels also serves the electrical heat tracing system and the pumps of the shore tanks. Less electricity is bought from suppliers, which means that less CO2 emissions are generated by conventional electricity production.

With this energy program, ADPO contributes, together with its customers, to the reduction of the global footprint of greenhouse gas emissions.